What We Do

  • Our Functions

    The Joint Program Executive Office for Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Defense exists to manage our nation’s investments in chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) defense equipment.

    There five unique directorates which manage the acquisition of CBRN equipment as enabler to achieving the National Security Strategy and supporting the US Armed Forces; Contamination Avoidance, Guardian, Information Systems, Protection, and Medical Countermeasure Systems. Each of these directorates perform the functions of Prepare, Protect, Prevent, Respond and Recover in a multitude of programs. Below you will find the directorates and programs who perform the functions. 

  • Prepare

    • Maintain and expand technology expertise
    • Cooperate with support partners under 
      enviromental threat and vulnerabilities

  • Protect

    • Safeguard the force
    • identify threat and hazards
    • Take proactive measures
    • Minimize and negate vulnerability

  • Prevent

    • Control defeat and disable threats
    • Prevents adversary CBRN weapon employment
    • Prevent adversaries from taking action that may  
      affect combat power

  • Respond

    • Address short term effects
    • Communicate situation
    • Create situational awareness
    • Detect, identify and measure CBRN
    • Charaterize CBRN

  • Recover

    • Apply therapeutics
    • Hazardous waste control
    • Remains dispostion
    • Contamination Mitigation


The Function

Joint Program Executive Office for Chemical Biological Defense (JPEO-CBD) is the life-cycle manager for Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear (CBRN) defense products for the military. We sustain the CBRN defense capabilities which we develop and produce so they are always ready to assist America’s Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, & Coast Guardsmen in detecting and protecting against CBRN threats, whenever and wherever they occur.


The Function

Joint Program Executive Office for Chemical Biological Defense (JPEO-CBD) creates products which to shield the force from harm caused by Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear (CBRN) hazards by preventing or reducing individual and collective exposures, applying prophylaxis to prevent or mitigate negative physiological effects, and protecting critical equipment. We develop capabilities to continually provide information about a CBRN threat at a time and place by detecting, identifying, and quantifying CBRN hazards in air, water, on land, on personnel, equipment or facilities. 

The Performers


The Function

Joint Program Executive Office for Chemical Biological Defense (JPEO-CBD) provides the ability to characterize the Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear (CBRN) hazard to the force commander and develop a clear understanding of the current and predicted CBRN situation; collect, query, and assimilate info from sensors, intelligence, medical, etc, in near real time to inform personnel, provide actual and potential impacts of CBRN hazards.

The Performers


The Function

The Joint Program Executive Office for Chemical Biological Defense (JPEO-CBD) follows the Department of Defense Strategy for Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) states, “DoD must possess the capabilities to conduct activities to control, defeat, disable, and/or dispose of specific WMD threats.” 

The Performers



The Function

Joint Program Executive Office for Chemical Biological Defense (JPEO-CBD) provides the ability to conduct decontamination and medical actions that enable the quick restoration of combat power, maintain/recover essential functions that are free from the effects of Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear (CBRN) hazards, and facilitate the return to pre-incident operational capability as soon as possible.

The Performers