• Prepare

  • Prevent

  • Protect

  • Respond

  • Recover

What We Do

The Joint Program Executive Office for Chemical and Biological Defense exists to manage our nation’s investments in chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) defense equipment.  Having “Joint” in our title clarifies we support all Services.  For example, we provide protective masks to the soldiers walking the streets of a battle torn country and also our Airmen flying in our skies.  We also work closely with various government agencies that need CBRN defense equipment.

Our Culture

Our headquarters is located in Aberdeen Proving Ground, Edgewood Area, MD, but we have offices across the United States.  There are five unique project management offices which manage the acquisition of CBRN equipment as enablers to achieving the National Security Strategy and supporting the U.S. Armed Forces.  As you scroll through this website you will gain a clearer understanding of our unique structure and the capabilities the five programs. Please visit the “our culture” tab to learn more about the Joint Project Management Offices for Contamination Avoidance, Guardian, Information Systems, Protection, and Medical Countermeasure Systems.

Our Team In Action

With 20 representatives in various Department of Defense Offices across the United States and in other countries, we maintain full situational awareness of CBRN needs, policies, up and coming technologies, and our threat.  As a successful proactive acquisition program, we put capable and supportable systems in the hands of the users (service members and first responders), when and where it is needed, at an affordable price.  Read more about our latest success stories in our news section - Our Team in Action - tab.

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    • Maintain and expand technology expertise
    • Cooperate with support partners under  
      environmental threat and vulnerabilities
    • Prevent adversaries from taking action that may  
      affect combat power

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    • Control defeat and disable threats
    • Prevent adversary CBRN weapon employment
    • Prevent adversaries from taking action that may  
      affect combat power

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    • Safeguard the force
    • Identify threat and hazards
    • Take proactive measures
    • Minimize and negate vulnerability

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    • Address short term effects
    • Communicate situation
    • Create situational awareness
    • Detect, identify and measure CBRN
    Characterize CBRN

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    • Apply therapeutics
    • Control hazardous waste
    Remains disposition
    • Mitigate Contamination

Our Leadership

Mr. Douglas Byrce the Joint Program Executive Officer

Mr. Douglas Bryce

Executive Officer

Dr. Roos is our Acting Deputy Joint Program Executive Officer

Dr. Jason Roos

Deputy Program Executive Officer

Mr. Daniel J. McCormick is our Acting Deputy Joint Program Executive Officer

Mr. Daniel McCormick

Deputy Program Executive Officer Operations

Gordon Graham photo

Mr. Gordon Graham

Chief of Staff

130 Years of Combined Service

Our Team in Action