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PROGRAMS: HFV-Tx MCM | EID-Flu MCM __________________________________________________

JPM-Transformational Medical Technologies

JPM-TMT is chartered to protect the Warfighter from emerging, genetically altered, and unknown biological threats. JPM-TMT forms strategic partnerships with innovative contractors from biotech firms, pharmaceutical corporations, academic institutions, and other government agencies to fund and facilitate the advanced development and acquisition of broad-spectrum medical countermeasures (MCM) and systems to enhance our nation's response capability to biothreats and emerging infectious diseases.


Provide the Warfighter and the nation with innovative medical solutions to protect against and treat emerging, genetically engineered, or unknown biothreats


To protect the Warfighter and the nation from biothreats

Advanced Development & Acquisition Programs

Outbreaks of naturally occurring diseases and exposure to genetically engineered biological weapons are real threats faced by our Warfighters, whether forward-deployed or at home. The capabilities to rapidly identify and characterize an exposure and to treat service members infected with new and emerging biothreats—for quick return to duty—are critical to our national defense. These capabilities also benefit the world at large.

Working in conjunction with the US Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) drug approval process, JPM-TMT employs rigorous milestone-driven program management based on the DOD acquisition process and forms strategic partnerships with industry, other government agencies, laboratories, and academia to bring innovative ideas into practice.

JPM-TMT's Advanced Development and Acquisition Programs are centered on the following most critical needs in the areas of countermeasures and post-exposure therapeutics:

• Hemorrhagic Fever Virus Therapeutics Medical Countermeasures (HFV-Tx MCM)
• Emerging Infectious Diseases-Influenza Medical Countermeasure (EID-Flu MCM)


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